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Alzheimer’s is terrifying.

The thought of losing independence and the ability to connect with others is chilling. But there is hope, even if:


Alzheimer’s runs in your family


You’re noticing early symptoms of cognitive decline


An MCI diagnosis has recently been made

You can do something.

Just don’t wait. If you fall into any of those categories, it’s imperative to take immediate action for Alzheimer’s prevention. I can help.

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I’m Angela Chapman, founder of Age On Purpose. I’m a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practioner and fully certified in ReCODE 2.0. My Age On Purpose process for preventing Alzheimer’s and improving symptoms of Mild Cognitive Impairment is based on several proven, evidence-based paths for brain-body wellness.

Over 200 scientific publications, several successful clinical trials, and ongoing research from neuroscientists and biochemists is showing that there is hope for patients with Mild Cognitive Impairment and early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s. My clients are having great results, too.

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Here’s what our clients are saying —

“We found Angela after a friend shared Dr Goodenowe’s book, Breaking Alzheimer’s. We have been on this journey to slow and reverse my husband’s cognitive decline for just over a year now. . . Since working with Angela his clarity, focus, and energy have improved—by a lot. He is now more than ever a believer that this is working!”

Wendy H.

“We went from feeling completely overwhelmed to having actual hope that we could figure this out. It’s been seven years now, and [my husband] has seen improvements in a number of areas, is able to still lead a normal life and is healthier as a result of following the protocol guidelines and having access to someone who is able to help guide our efforts.”

Cindy B.

“It is frightening to come to terms with the possibility of Alzheimer’s disease. I began to search for someone who I felt that I could really trust. I needed someone who would treat me like a friend more than like a patient. . . You were so patient in answering my questions, and I was so impressed you are living this protocol with us. . . I have the right person helping me.”

Charles N.

“You’re the only one who knows how sick I was. I could not even think to get up and make myself something to eat. I persevered and did everything you told me to do and I came through that dark tunnel better than ever. It’s been an amazing, life-changing year.”

Karen C.

“I can’t imagine where I’d be today if you hadn’t figured out that my problems stemmed from mold, I’m so grateful.

Denise P.

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6 Steps to Prevent or Fight Alzheimer's

We believe that Alzheimer's prevention and support ought to be accessible and affordable for all who need it. That’s why we offer this free overview of the lifestyle factors and advanced lab testing used to help thousands of people defy the odds and protect their brains.


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